What is this?

Here at the end of the world, Dana Snitzky, former Longreads books editor and author of the not-completely-unpopular “This Week in Books” newsletter, lately unemployed — in fact she was the last of the last of the Longreads permalancers to be laid off, a designation fateful, if not significant — and without purpose, looked around herself, observed the tumult and the chaos, felt the zones both cool and hot, and thought to herself, “You know what the end of the world needs? A magazine.”

Wait, what do you mean? What is this?

There are two tiers. There are the Acolytes and the Ascendants. Sure, you can subscribe for free to what used to be called “The Longreads Books Newsletter,” aka “This Week in Books.” I’ll send it out every week, just like I used to. You can get (half of) it (plus interviews, reviews, and more) for free, like any mere Acolyte could; these are but scraps from the table-heap of my bounty. Or, if you are willing, if you are ready, you can Ascend; subscribe and pay and you will receive (the life-altering, earth-shattering satisfaction of knowing you personally funded) the untold wonders that will arrive in your inbox, many times a month, ruinous and beautiful to read.

Could you be a bit more…clear? About what this…is?

The End of the World Review is a last testament, a final plea, an ongoing battle, and honestly pretty low-key; a laid back magazine of good vibes and book reviews, plus essays, interviews, and reporting, mainly on the climate crisis, books, film, travel, poetry, history, and art. It will feature some of my favorite writers that I worked with at Longreads, and others!

Thank you. That was much more helpful than the other stuff.

The books newsletter, as always, is (half) free! If money is an object but you wish to receive The End of the World Review nonetheless, dm me @endworldreview or email me at endworldreview@gmail.com and I will give you links for a $1/month or free subscription.

On the other hand, if you’re rich or profligate, tip the mag.


Dana Snitzky
Formerly an editor at Longreads; currently an editor right here.