No one ever goes away.
“Poe helped produce a textbook on conchology that sold more copies during his life than any other volume bearing his name.”
The juggernaut in motion. The not-very-long shot. The 4 million–year high.
All is reborn, except the narrator’s poor dog, who stays unaccountably dusted.
“I kind of have no idea why I’m in this job, how it works, or even what the correct thing to do is.”
Or, the grin without a cat.
“You’re going to sit at the desk every day and not check your feeds until your enemies have bled out on the page.”
“Reader, you and your curiosity are terrible nuisances. What’s it matter to you?”
The Day After Tomorrow vs. An Inconvenient Truth
And the tsar put a tax on beards.
Isolation has been central to the franchise since its premiere in 2002.
because I've been SLACKING